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The Board of Directors met on November 17,2023 for its annual meeting.  We are pleased to welcome a new board member for a three year term.  Dr. David Ortinau is Professor Emeritus in Marketing at the University of South Florida.  Through his association with the Academy of Marketing Science, he has known the Berkman family for many years and is very familiar with the mission of the Berkman Foundation.  

The reviewer team of the Board evaluated the 223 completed veterans scholarship applications and 176 Marketing student applications for the 2023-2024 cycle.  In addition, we received 25 Research Grant applications, 10 of which were completed.  We are pleased to announce that 59 veteran and marketing student scholarships will be awarded along with one General Irvin Irzyk award.  Three research grants will be issued as well.

Since 2014, 235 U.S. Veterans have received scholarship awards.  In addition, 327 students pursuing a marketing major have received scholarships, and 29 research faculty have received grants to pursue research aimed at furthering knowledge about marketing.  In total, the Foundation has awarded over $654,000 in scholarships and grants.

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